[Review + Giveaway] ChooMee Sip’ns – The perfect snack pouch solution!

I’m a lazy person by nature, and therefore I’m constantly on the lookout for life hacks. I don’t feel that this is wholly a flaw, as it takes some creativity to find effective short-cuts. If objectives can be attained more easily, why not right? ūüėõ #justsaying

One of these life hacks I mentioned would be the¬†food pouch solution – ChooMee Sip’n. Baby food pouches are life savers when you need to bring out some form of snacks on the go (or at least, something to distract the little one) but the down side of it is… MESS EVERYWHERE. Squirt, goes the mashed fruit. :/ It gets somewhat embarrassing too. But some genius thought of using the sippy cup spout for a squirt-free experience (why didn’t anyone think of this earlier?!).

The ChooMee Sip’n’s soft top is a chewy silicone valve that simply attaches to most food pouches in the market with the benefits mentioned below.

Benefits of ChooMee Sip’n

Before you ask me why I am letting my son bite rubber, just know that this is¬†FDA Compliant silicone, BPA & Pthalate free, reusable, and dishwasher/freezer safe. BPA-free is such a holy term in the world of babies and ganjiong mothers ‘kay!

The Sip’n is so easy to use and comes in 4¬†vibrant colours which most kids will¬†love, with a detachable cap if the bub wants to continue snacking later.

Comes in aqua, orange, purple and red.
Simply sip it, cap it, and strap it!
Damien checking out his new “gadget”.
His arms look SO yummy, but I digress.
Just push it in!
Just like a sippy cup spout.
Not sure if I’m supposed to push it in a little more, lol. But here’s how a Sip’n-ed food pouch will look like.
It’s not really as per the instructions, but… See the loop? You can hang it on your stroller if you have a hook!
It’s quite clear to him what the Sip’n is for! He doesn’t really grab food pouches unless he knows that it’s open, haha.
Damien is a big eater who prefers to DEVOUR his food, therefore the face, hee. This is good to prevent his huge gulps and prevent indigestion.
He enjoyed biting the chewy soft top! One point to Sip’n from the teething baby.
*chew chew chew*

No pictures for this, but Damien actually let go of the food pouch and started slamming his hands on it!!! The husband and I were shocked and we stopped everything we were doing to rush towards him (it’s an automatic response from parents lah), but… there was no mess, nothing. The mash didn’t squirt out at all. OMG. So nifty.

Goodbye spills and squirts.

The ChooMee Sip’ns will be launched at the upcoming Baby Market fair from 9 to 11 October, and also purchasable online at BigLittleMe, priced at $15.90 for a set of two or $28 for both sets.

I‚Äôm hosting a giveaway for 1x SET¬†of ChooMee Sip’ns¬†kindly sponsored by¬†BigLittleMe!

  1. To participate, simply LIKE Big Little Me on their Facebook Page.
  2. Leave a comment with your little one’s favourite food on my Facebook post¬†here.

Giveaway ends 31 October, 12 noon.

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